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For Sale: Canon Rebel XTi + goodies


Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi 10.1 megapixels
3 batteries
1 home charger
(1) 28-70mm Sigma f/2.8-f/4 lens
1 Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi Field Guide
Remote shutter cable with extension cord
Canon backpack
neck strap
1 wide angle fisheye attachment lens
Sunpak top mounted adjustable flash

the camera is in excellent shape, no scratches, dents or dings. only thing missing is the rubber viewfinder piece because it fell off. Has about 3500-4000 exposures taken. do not have original box, or original cd software. but you can connect with the usb cable and windows will automatically detect it and you can transfer the files that way. I bought it used off ebay a year and a half ago, been very reliable, never dropped, or abused, works excellent.

All lens and body caps are accounted for. Sigma lens is used but in excellent condition and well taken care of, and provides excellent sharpness and clarity.

asking $550 for the entire package shipped and insured to your front door (with signature confirmation), no parting out, not selling anything seperate. I just upgraded to a Canon EOS 5D, and this needs a new home. Paypal only!