For a little SDS relief...

Hi Andy,

I think I can't say that this is a great story looking at the terrible aftermath, the tornado did in your town, but it was one of the first tornado-stories I read from a storm chaser, which happend next to his home.
The clip with damage flying over your oh man! I really can imagine how you felt, when you saw this happening.

Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts and photos ( although page 3 did not work...maybe later on ),

Sincerely, Helge
I can relate to your experience all too well. The May 8th, 2003 Oklahoma City tornado missed my house by less than a block (I lived at SE 89th and Bryant). I had damage to the back of the house from debris. I actually spent about 30 minutes chasing while I was under the impression that I no longer had a house...I figured that there was nothing I could do at that point, so I might as well get the storm.
Hey Andy, that was very interesting to say the least.

I like how you told the story starting from the morning, and go into detail how things transpired throughout that day.

I can only imagine how it must have felt to have an actual tornado bearing down on your neighborhood. I've dreamt about it, but to actually see it happen must be beyond words.

The video footage shot from your basement was pretty cool too. It gives us a VERY rare view of how it's like to go through something like that.