Following up on a tornado report

Chased in Iowa about a week ago and in Monroe county after dark got a tornado report on the radio. We were right next to this storm and could see a funnel like wall cloud like structure to our left when the lightning flashed.

We had a pretty good feel for the motion of the storm and our position so we did our best to stay safe. Chasing the tor after dark was NOT on our agenda. We just happened to be there and honestly we were tired enough that clear skies to the nearest hotel would have been the preffered weather pattern.

What we could see of this "tornado" was mostly a loose funnel shaped lowering. Very low, no debris, no sharply defined edges or condensation cone.

I am suspecting that law enforcement reported a tornado when perhaps it was not quite a tornado. No offense to them, better to err on the side of safety when an "almost" tornado drifts into town after dark.

My question is this. How do I get the final NWS report on this tornado ? I found the initial storm report for that day, I assume that a met goes out and looks for some verification and that a final report gets logged somewhere. How do I find this information ?


Tom Hanlon
Tornado verification

Call the NWS office in Desmoines at 1-515-270-2614 one of the good people there should be able to help you. :D