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Following in Drummond's Footsteps

Doing some video stuff this afternoon and pulled a Drummond when a lightning bolt picked off a phone pole directly behind me as I was filming. Unfortunately I was aiming the wrong direction and didn't get the bolt itself on film, but the flash on the ground and thunder (along with my stunned silence) will suit just fine.

With all the news stories about lightning deaths lately I bet you thinking how lucky you were. I liked it though and you didn't make a sound.
You weren't the only one Tony, last night I was taking some shots of a nice storm to my southeast, decent lightning. When all the sudden a cloud to air strike comes and does right over the top of my head from behind and it couldn't have been very high as the thunder was almost immediate. It certainly scared the crap out of me... It prolly wasn't as good as a CG strike though, all the same a close call with lightning.