Fixing DVD A/V sync problem

I have an HP Pavilion 5180us notebook computer (Win XP, 512 MB RAM, 3 GHz clock speed, 80 GB 7200 RPM hard drive).

I also have a Pinnacle Moviebox USB A/D converter box which allows me to connect the analog A/V outputs of my Hi8 camcorder and copy video onto the computer.

My problem is, after capturing and editing the video, and burning onto DVD+RW, the audio and video are out of sync. For example, you will see someone's lips move, then a few seconds later you will hear what they said. Three update packages to Pinnacle Studio (I'm now on Version 9.3.5) have not corrected this problem. Has anyone else had this problem with a similar setup and how did you correct it?
What video card are you using and how much memory does it have? Also, is the vid memory dedicated or shared? Intergrated into the board or seperate?
I also used Pinnacle Studio and had the same problem at first. There is an radio button you select in the make movie tab that makes sure that the video and sound are inline with each other. Without being at my home PC I can’t tell you the actual radio button name, but when I get home and if you have not found the answer to your problem I will post back.
Also make sure no other applications are running (that includes your anti-virus scan) as you render your project.

make sure no other applications are running (that includes your anti-virus scan) as you render your project.

This might have something to do with it. I have Norton Antivirus 2005, which has a whole bunch of different process running. I usually unplug the internet cable from my computer and turn off "Auto-protect" and "worm protection" before I render a project, but I think it still has some stuff going. Any idea how I shut it down completely?
One more thing here. Save your project and shut your PC down completely. This will clear all of the memory that Pinnacle Studio did not explicitly do itself like it should. After your PC boots up close all applications that started during startup and render your project.

"Any idea how I shut it down completely"

I have McAfee so I really don't know about Norton to much but I assume you can right click on the Norton icon in your system tray and select Exit.

sync problems

I had that problem in Studio 7 and tried this with success...

The audio on my movies, back in that version, would "drift" out of sync... i.e. it would get worse, the further along you played it.

To remedy this, I broke the movie up into chapters... which forced the audio to "catch up"

make sure to check the Pinnacle Forum here...


Another option is to find someone with a hi-8 digital camcorder... play the video in there and capture it via it's firewire port... that would be ideal.

Hope that helps... Best of luck.

When I would output files to tape/minidv I had this problem of it slowly getting out of sync as it went(not at first, but later in my work it started doing that). To remedy it all I had to do was render all those clips into one whole clip. Pinnacle 8 has worked flawlessly for me since. This is on a 900 mhz machine. Make sure your problem isn't occuring via the transfer(which from what you said I presume it wasn't). If it's fine after the capture then I bet it's how you save the clips in your timeline. I had to re-render all the clips into one file. I also do not use pinnacle to encode to mpeg for DVD. I use TMPGEnc for that and everything works well, even on my 4 or so year old puter.