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February 24, about 10AM

It would be great if somebody could confirm my suspicions on a cell that's just passing roughly 50 miles north of Tampa, FL right now. I'm in Orlando, but I don't think I'm gonna be able to get out of work for this (maybe). Perhaps it'll be a lunch break catch. By the looks of things, today and tomorrow could just be our token "spring severe weather day" for this year, which usually amounts to a handful of weak supercells. While posting this, I just found out we've been issued a tornado watch. First of the year. Hurray!

On a side note, I just signed up for the Stormtrack Forums last night. I've been reading your forums for a long time now, and am excited to start contributing. I've been studying as an amateur for many years now, and I finally feel like I've found actual people I can talk to about all this great stuff. I'm also a pretty good source for anything you might want to discuss with regards to the whacky, lightning-filled fun of the boundary collision chaos that we have in the summertime here.

John Herman Gnuechtel
Wouldn't ya know it... Things are getting pretty decent here now (Orlando is under a storm warning at the moment), and the low stratus deck seems to be breaking. Will try to snap some shots this afternoon.
I'm 2 days late with, but yes indeed a severe storm did pass over the Crystal River area in Citrus County. It created a very damaging microburst, and dumped a hell of a lot rain.

Chase 22