FCC Communications Order

From: ARRL HQ NEWINGTON, CT, Aug 28, 2005
To: All R.A.C.E.S. Qualified Amateur Radio Operators
RE: FCC Issued Amateur Radio Communications Emergency

On this date August 28, 2005 at 1300EDT on the request of the State Communications Centers of Louisana and Mississippi the FCC has issued an Emergency Commuication Order. Effectively activating any and all RACES Stations with in the FCC Control area ....

That was posted on another board. Went into effect 20 mins ago. Everythign about this is just amazing.

...Alex Lamers...
Yeah, something seems fishy about that post. Here's what the ARRL posted on their website:

Special Counsel Riley Hollingsworth of the FCC's Enforcement Bureau does not anticipate the need for an Emergency Communications Declaration (ECD) to accommodate HF emergency nets or SATERN. "Section 97.101© gives priority to emergency communications at all times," he pointed out.

Normally when they (FCC) issues an order like this, the ARRL among other groups will send out emails and post on their websites. In either case, this is a very dangerous storm and I would hope hams would give the emergency nets the frequencies and space they need to operate.

Stan, K9SWX