Favorite weather videos/TV specials

Thomas Loades

Along the lines of the favorite books thread, does anyone have particular weather videos that are their favorites?

My range is somewhat limited because I . . . [raises hands toward head] . . . don't have any videos made by chasers [ducks and covers] — so I'm probably missing something; nonetheless, my favorites are:

•The collected works of the Tornado Project
•The 1985 NOVA special, Tornado — mainly a historical curio now, but interesting anyway
•Storm Force: Tornado / Tornado Alley — two specials made for the Discovery Channel by Pioneer Productions in 1998 and 2000, respectively; though they illustrate the F-scale with actual tornadoes :x there's a lot of really good video in there
•Violent Storms — this is an odd little favorite of mine . . . a classroom film (made by Coronet Films in 1986) that a local library had a copy of on video. First, it made me think chasing would be something interesting (even about a five-second mention is cool for a 7-year-old weather nut), and second, it had these really pretty time-lapse satellite films of hurricanes David and Frederick in 1979
•Savage Skies — my tapes of this, which I've had for 6 or so years, are dangerously worn, but I don't care. Also made the Wichita–Andover tornado turning pink seem plausible
•1995 Nat'l. Geographic special, Cyclone — didn't bore me, unlike Nature's Fury
Let's see,

•TESSA has a 30 minute video, StormWatch, which is a training tool for SKYWARN.

•NOVA had another documentary this past summer, pretty good.

•After The Hollywood Film Whose Name Shall Not Be Spoken came out, I saw a video at Sam’s Club on tornadoes. A lot of the stuff we’ve already seen from the early 90’s.

The 1985 NOVA program would be interesting to see. I wonder if it is available for sale at their site?
Lisius's Chasing the Wind came out around the time I was starting to get interested in chasing, so it's always been a sentimental favorite. I'm sure it is also for the folks on the board who were in the film.

Oooh, I forgot:

There was a documentary on lightning around 6 or 7 years ago on one of the cable channels. I’ll have to dig that one up.

It focused on science, which cannot be said of a lot of the other programs that were showing up at the time. How many times do you need to see someone picking through the remains of their home?
awhile ago, Nova on PBS had a TV show on about 'solving the riddle of tornadoes'. This show was called The Hunt For The Supertwister (http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/tornado/), it is definitly one of the most informative and exciting shows i have seen in a while. I would like to see it again, but pbs has not aired it again.... BUMMER!!!
That NOVA or was it NG show about the "Supertwister" was good. Although, I felt the term supertwister was a little silly.

I like the specials about the events I lived throug, e.g. '93 superstorm, Blizzard of '96, the Perfect Storm (documentaries, not the hollywood version). I do like the movie "The Perfect Storm" as a good work of fiction, not as science.