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Fantasy winter world (7 pics)


- ice cold -
- fantastic -
- bizarre -

Imagine a world of snow and ice! Imagine the landscape in and over the clouds! A magic winter forest is born there caused by nearly endless winter weather! Rime ice, wind and snow have deformed trees ... all of them are now unbelievable natural art in a land with the view to winter heaven...

All pictures are taken in the Harz Mountains, near to my home town in central Germany. I love to trip there because I have much to fantasize ... It seems to be one of the nicest places in winter for me... and I hope ... a litte bit ... for you, too!










Thanx to you Andrew, Sheila and Bill! ;-)

@Bill: The Harz is a typical german highland like Black Forest and Bavarian/Bohemian Forest. This mountains are about 1000 to 1500 meters tall.

The precipication per year there is about 50 inch on 500-800 meters until 85 inch on the tops and windwards regions of Harz (most northern german highland). In the last 2-3 winters we got about 2,5-3 m on the Brocken (1142 m) for example. Accumulated snowfall is often between 5 to 8 meter from december to february! The climate is extreme so that the tree border is only about 1050-1100 meter due to wind, cold summer and the hard winter conditions with lot of snow/rime ice (can be compared to 2500-3000 meters in Alps)!


ps: Brocken now has got 1,7 m snow with >0,5 m rime ice, at 5 °F
Sweet pictures!

Does the snow ever totally melt up there in the summer? I would assume a considerable amount must melt to allow the trees up there to grow at some point.
Sounds similar to the mountains in the northeast United States...Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York. A little taller here at 4,000 to 6,000 feet. Similar precipitation patterns as well, with lots of rime at higher elevations. We get more warm air intrusions that really kill the snow pack, but the weather is still very hash.

Our tree line is also low compared to comparable latitudes in the west. New Hampshire treeline is about 4000 to 4500 feet, while Colorado is more like 11,500 feet.

Again, very nice pictures. I would like to vist that area some day. I also wish we had that much snow/rime at those lower elevations.
Wunderbare Fotos! Vielleicht eines Tages kann ich diese Berge auch sehen...
Those are truly stunning photos. The beauty you've captured borders on the surreal. In the third image down, those snow-covered trees look gnomish, like five of the Seven Dwarfs on their way to work. "Hi, ho, hi, ho..." :)