Extra Gas

Jun 19, 2005
New Mexico
I have been wondering if I could store extra gas since my tank is a little small for chasing. If it's possible what should I use, and what precautions should I take?
I drive a car so that's why I don't think I'll be able to do it. If it is possible do you know how it could be done? Sorry forgot about the specifics...
Might I suggest that instead of carrying extra gas, you simply carry an empty jerry can, a siphon, and some cash? More than likely, some good samaritan is going to stop to help you out. For a sawbuck, most would be more than happy to let you siphon off a few gallons to get you into town.
There are many things you can do. The simple and most economical way to go would be to use a 5 gallon self venting can from wal-mart or home depot ($5). The only downfall is you could get some vapors and I sure wouldn't want it in my trunk in case of an accident. If you wanted to spend about $40 you could get a 10 gallon can made for a boat and a pump with a handle like you would use at the gas station except plastic. You wouldn't have to worry about any vapors, you wouldn't have to spend ten minutes pumping just five gallons. The negatives to that route is it would take up a bit more space in your trunk and the cost.




A military fuel container .. AKA Jerry can as Rob stated would be your safest bet. Its a potential safety hazard in my opinion otherwise..

Food for thought. 5 galon gas can in trunk.. someone rear ends you.. fuel is then spent all over the trunk of the vehicle making a very bad and dangerous hazard. I watched video one time in some class about accidents.. and it was showing the battery acid from the battery being thrown into the faces of the occupants of the vehicle. Upon an impact.

An acquaintance i know had a hydraulic jack in the back of his pickup. He crashed his truck off the road single car accident.. and the jack being not tied down came through the window and hit him in the head and killed him. Lesson learned. For me anyways.
I don't think you'll find anything practical (or safe) to extend your range with any kind of external fuel container. EDIT - A racing cell might be the sole exception to this, but costs may be high and proper installation is paramount.

Having an empty gas can, cash (siphon even) is probably the best advice you'll get... not to mention simply keeping your gas tank above midway at all times.
I usually try and top it off. A problem I ran into was that for a few hours while I was going threw towns some of the gas stations were closing up cause of the weather, or the power was out in some places so I couldn't get gas.