External vehicle storage

Dan Robinson

If the best case scenario comes true for my chase trip this year, there may be a time when I will have 5 people with me for up to 6 days (6 total, including me). My car is a wagon/suv crossover that will seat the 6 of us comfortably, except for one thing. I'll lose the majority of the space for our luggage and gear by raising the third row seats. There will be some room for a few duffel bags and maybe 2 tripods behind the third row, but everything else will have to go outside. Cameras will have to be held on laps.

So, I may have to look to some type of external storage system this year. A roof mounted hardshell container would seem problematic (wind resistance and accessability), so I'm leaning more toward a rear mounted rack. No fragile gear outside, I'm thinking some suitcases, bags and non-valuables. Something that is enclosed (weatherproof) is a must.

Wanted to know if anyone has done this and what your recommendations are.
If you have a trailer hitch Dan you could get one of those racks the mount in your tailer hitch. I got one that I decided after the last hurricane chase it would really come in handy for stacking all the fuel containers on too. One of those with some good quality bungy cords, no reason you couldn't put quite a bit of stuff on them.
I think Yakima makes an overhead storage that aerodynamic. I don't suppose it will hold a lot (at least from the ones I've seen) but it would be able to handle the more "weather sensitive" items.

The Trailer Hitch deals are pretty nice as well. I've used them in the past for other things. Dry Bags (same style used in Boating) would be a must.
Thanks for all of the suggestions. Looks like Thule might be the way to go, they have quite a few different solutions. I actually like their top-mounted bag. Cheap (under $100), easy to install and get into and holds lots of stuff if you need it. Plus won't crack if it gets nailed with a baseball or two.