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Extensive list of wireless internet locations...

Jason Boggs

Since I just bought a new laptop, I am already aware of how important wireless internet is. So I thought I would start an extensive list of wireless internet locations. Sure, there are tons of websites on WIFI hotspots, but why waste our time searching when we can contribute to the list and the info will be right here at our fingertips? MODS: If a thread like this already exists, please feel free to delete my thread. Also, it might be a good idea to sticky this thread as it will come in very handy to a lot of people.


Schlotzsky's Deli - 1619 Kentucky, Ste 1350
Schlotzsky's Deli - 3440 Bell St., Ste 322
Hooters - I-40 near Westgate Mall :p
Big Texan Steak Ranch - 7701 East I-40
Comfort Inn 1515 I-40 East
Microtel Inn & Suites 1501 Ross Street, Amarillo, TX 79102

McDonald's (A promotional coupon is sometimes given)
304 S Cedar

McDonald's (A promotional coupon is sometimes given)
200 23rd St

Kettle Restaurant - 1902 Ave F NW - 940-937-8496

Hedley area
Dept. of Transportation Donley County Southbound Rest Area - US-287, 4 miles East of Hedley

McDonald's (A promotional coupon is sometimes given)
1112 W 1st St

Day Break Coffee Roasters - 4406-C 19th Street (19th and Quaker)
Day Break Coffee Roasters - 4210 82nd Street (Kingsgate Shopping Center)
Sugar Brown's - 4818 50th Street

114 East American Blvd.
Muleshoe TX 79347

McDonald's (A promotional coupon is sometimes given)
1201 N Hobart

First United Methodist Church - 321 Baylor

Unger Memorial Library - 825 Austin Street - (806) 296-1149

Quanah area
Dept. of Transportation Hardeman County Northbound Rest Area - US-287, East of Quanah

San Angelo
Baker Street Coffee House - 3502 Knickerbocker Rd - 325-949-7064

McDonald's (A promotional coupon is sometimes given)
1235 N Main

Rip Griffin travel Center
Hwy 86 & I-27
All around outside and indoors

McDonald's (A promotional coupon is sometimes given)
801 Hillcrest

Wichita Falls
Hardback Cafe - 2805 Southwest Parkway, inside the Hastings entertainment store
McAlister's Deli - 3902 Call Field Rd - (940) 689-0800
Near Wayland University's Call Field Campus - 4110 Call Field Road

Please contribute to this list so we can have better wifi access when we chase!
In addition to that list, you can go to google maps and type in "free wifi" and the city, state or just type it in when you're zoomed on a location and bring some up. It's good for larger cities, not sure how well it works for smaller areas.

I also like to drive through neighboorhoods and find unsecured ones :twisted:
I think a lot of people haven't replied to this thread because they want to keep thier WIFI "HOTSPOTS" a secret. Maybe I'm wrong and people just don't give a crap if there is a list generated or not. I guess it's ok to keep them a secret so everybody and their dog is not in the parking lot of a wifi spot. I guess keeping it a secret is what makes it a true "HOTSPOT".
I didn't think about that one Aaron. It would definitely be a hassle with them changing so much.
I am a little short on time, but I wanted to add this... I am working on a file in SA2006 that has the exact wi-fi locations across chaser country. I would like to set the file to a universal format, or several formats at least so others can view with SA9, SA2004-05-06, Streets&Trips, etc.

The goal is to upload it to the net and have other chasers be able to use it/comment on it/and continually keep it up to date (fully agree with Aaron's comment, I have used other people's info before and got burned). Jiwire does work well, but I think its free wi-fi list is not near what is needs to be. For example, my free Kansas list in Street Altas is about 3X the amount in JiWire.