Electrical night just right now!

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Pedro C. Fernández

I have just taken these photographs. It's thundering! Only storms generated from diurnal heating. Enjoy! They are my first lightning pics!






Bye! :)
Originally posted by Marko Korosec
f*ck!! :shock: Outstanding, man! Congrats! 8)

I enjoyed lightning show here 2 days ago, too (pics also here on this forum) :wink:


Yes; I have seen the yours ;) Very good also!

Thanks, Marko :wink:

Just a very nice night (currently 00:13h local time). The storm has finished :cry:
Pedro, those pictures are flamin' amazing! Absolutely awesome! Congratulations!

Many many thanks for all you !

Yes, they are, Susan. They are the first with a reflex digital camera. I chased some with a Nikon CoolPix775 two years ago, but very poor. I always chased lightning with my digital videocamera. It was easier :lol:
I'm using the Canon EOS 350D. A great camera. You can be sure. :shock: I'm enjoying with stormy weather with it :wink: It's a pain this 2005 seems to be a bad year for severe weather in Spain. Most of regions of my country needs water for crops :(