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Eerie long range GFS output for early second week in Nov.

I'm posting this in Weather Lab since the time frame is 10+ days out..too far in the future imho to include as a forecast, but please move this to the Map Room if it needs to be there instead. I believe any model output over 180 hours has a probability of less than a 15 percent to verify, and view this as just an anomoly that will likely change significantly over time.
Anyway, I was looking at 'Earl Barker's Model Page" website http://www.wxcaster.com/conus_0012_us_models.htm this afternoon, at the current GFS 228 hour (currently valid 00Z 11/7) output, initialized 12Z 10/28, of the 250 mb height, temp, and wind output graphic. I noticed an eerie similarity with it to the "Storm Prediction Center's Severe Thunderstorm Event: November 09, 2002" site's http://www.spc.noaa.gov/exper/archive/even...1109/index.html 12Z 250mb map of 11/9/2002. The 12Z 10/28 128 hr GFS output shows a 135+kt 250mb jet steak nosing in to the Washington state/northern California/northwest Nevada area on the west side of a developing upper trough. The 250 mb map from the SPCs Severe Thunderstorm Event archive of 12Z Nov. 9 shows a 135+ kt jet streak that morning nosing into north central California and on into central Nevada, on the west side of a developing upper trough.
However, there are several differences in the current GFS output after 00Z 11/7/2005:
1) It has the system a tad bit farther north than the 11/9/2002-11/11/2002 system and
2) Also has it crossing the conus much more quickly and deepening rapidly into a closed upper low as it does so
whereas the system from 11/9/2002-11/11/2002 remained a very broad but powerful open low whose center crossed the US at a slower pace. So, even though they start out nearly identical, the current GFS output has it ending up a much different scenario.
Well, since there is obviously nothing else of interest going on, I'll certainly watch it to see what, if anything, happens as the system develops and approaches. Hehe.