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DVD Camcorders

I was wondering you all thought of DVD camcorders? I was thinking of upgrading to DVD starting this season, but didnt know what the video quality is like, their ease of use, etc. Any help or reccomendations would be much appreciated. Thank you
I don't really know to much about DVDs but in the replies to my question concerning upgrades, the format mentioned was Mini DV tapes and that was the industry norm. Hope this can be of some help.

If you ever plan to do more with the video than shoot and watch the DVD, stay away from DVD camcorders. Getting the video into your computer for editing can be a pain. It depends on what you want out of it, but personally I wouldn't go that route.
Ok, with that Reply? What kind of Camcorder is the best for editing, and aslo records in MPEG format? I was also thinking of upgrading.... Thanks

Why would you specifically stipulate a camera that just records in MPEG? I think the clear winner here is MiniDV because it is the best quality, and can easily imported into any editing software and made into any format.

As mentioned, DVD cameras are compressing video, as are MPEG cameras. Get a nice minidv with a firewire port. You can capture your video in full .avi into you computer with a Non-Linear Editing program (NLE) and do whatever you want with it, including outputting it to other formats.