DSLR life span

Jun 19, 2005
New Mexico
I was wondering what is the shutter life on the the DSLR camera. I have a D70 and and was reading around and was getting mixed messages that the camera has a shutter life around 100,000 shots. Anyone have one go and what about the other cameras?
On my Canon 10D I'm at around 75000 clicks. My shutter button has given out and it will be on it's way to the shop in about amonth to get fixed. The shutter though works fine.

As far as any DSLR, take a look at the body they are based upon. All DSLR's are based on a certain camera bosy style. For the most part, with minor variations here and there (most notably Olympus E Series cameras) the design is based on proven film bodies. Only the media has changed with electronics stuffed in to utilize the CCD rather than film. This has been very successful for most of the cameras out there.All the Canon series DSLRs are based on on type of film body or another. The Rebel Series are based on the Rebel series of bodies, the Higher end 1D are based on the Pro series bodies and so on.

So take a look at the film bodies and their idiosyncarcies as far as mechanics go and you will get a good sense of what you will find with the DSLR.
I have used a 10D that a friend loaned me in 04' and it was up to 150,000 shots taken. When I researched the 20D I believed the Canons were rated for at least 250,000 clicks on the shutter before they needed servicing.