Doppler Radar Software

Rod Neff

Does anyone know of any wx radar software?


P.S. No snow here in Cuba,Mo. Snow is falling 50 or so miles away.
Started a couple months ago. If you were smart, you kept one of the latest beta versions which has most of the features in the present release ;)

"$79.99 is kind of harsh for just a NEXRAD viewer..."

It's the best radar viewer available outside of an AWIPS workstation, much better than anything out on the market now (it has a competitor at same price) and offers more features than any other...
Aaron, I believe you're going to find that most of the Beta of GRLevelX releases have a time limitation on them. Most except maybe the very early versions. I think most were set to expire Dec. 1st.

BTW, as a straight up Radar Viewing program, it's very nice. It downloads quickly and isn't bogged down by numeroud DLL's and the like. It is CPU intensive though. It does take a fairly robust graphics card to get ALL the features.

Those issues aside, I certainly like it and feel it's worth the price. I doubt the programmer is getting what he put into it. I know he's put a lot of hours into it and there are some nice upcoming additions/upgrades coming sometime next month.

Yes, you can go out ion the net and find lots of sites giving you roughly the same info via a java applet or auto refresh screens, but they are mostly browser dependent. This a nice program that you can run mutiple instances and watch several radar sites at once.