Don't want to get sued

Jan 2, 2005
Grand Forks, ND
A co-worker pointed this out to me:
FSU Tropical

Notice: Florida State University has mandated effective 24 May 2006 that no real-time weather forecasts relating potentially in any way to hurricanes are to be disseminated by faculty or students at FSU due to liability concerns. Consequently, this web page has been shut down UFN.

The authors of these web pages realize the value of these pages, do not agree with the decision, and are working hard to resolve this issue by friday.

Thank you for your patience.

Bob Hart
I'm most disappointed that has been removed... I used that site frequently for model forecasts over the tropics, since it's the only one I've found that had all major models available (GFS, UKMET, NOGAPS, GFDL, etc). Other on another board have pointed to liability, but I can't imagine that providing information which one must interpret in order to gain anything useful would really be a liability to the university. Man, that'd be like CoD and other sites removing their model output (NAM, GFS, etc) for liability purposes... That's ridiculous.
That's really sad. But is there a difference between that page and other than the MM5? I've always had both bookmarked, and sometimes one updates faster than the other. But I can't remember the differences otherwise.

The Penn state site is almost the same, I always liked the FSU one better though... I thought it had fewer glitches, at least on my computer.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the funding FSU gets from certain groups for models like the superensemble... that was never allowed to be made public at all.