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"Do It Yourself" weather alerts to pager

Shawn Rutherford

I seem to recall a company that was developing a paging system that was essentially a box that received local weather alerts (S.A.M.E.) and would then send desired alerts out by pager.

I'm looking to create this feature for myself and a few others, so that we can cut down on expenses. (more counties, more info, fewer "added features")

I've done a little searching on the subject, so far, and don't seem to find that specific device.

At one time, I had a site bookmarked that was promising a "box" that would receive alets and page them out, via phone... That's what I'm looking for.


I know of a subsricption service that does this, you can choose counties, states, just warnings, they even send out mesoscale disscussions.. They send text messages to your phone. I'll see if I can find the site and give it to you...
That is the site I was looking for Verne. Thanks, I have seen it being used before as well and it is quite reliable. They are also very timely, it is usually within minutes of the official SPC mesoscale discussion that the phone is going off.
I use Stormnow as well. I can also use my Interwarn to send to my pager.
I have given two thumbs up to Realemwin before, and do so again. It runs 24/7 at my home and is very reliable.

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