Disposable Video Cameras Hit Stores

The quality probably isn't that good but I think it would be useful as a spare or standby camcorder. I may try one out and if it is at least somewhat acceptable, I keep one stashed in my car. You never know when there is an unexpected storm and one is are caught without any equipment. I already keep a cheap spare camera stashed in my car for unexpected shots.

Bill Hark
My thought on disposable camcorders and cameras is not that great. I am a SKYWARN and Amateur Radio Emergency Services or “ARESâ€￾ operator. Last year I had a very unfortunate experience take place with a disposable camera. First I should add that I just about always keep my digital camera and camcorder in my vehicle all the time. Well last June It was getting so hot and my vehicle was parked out in the hot sun at my work parking lot for over 10 hours per day with the windows up because if it were to rain I could not get out to it to roll them up. Because it was so hot inside my vehicle, I took my digital camera and camcorder out of my vehicle and placed them in the house. I did not want the heat to wreck them or the film. When I would go out to spot/chase I would just grab them and go. Well one night I went over to my Dads house after work, I was activated by NWS to start a SKYWARN net. I went out to spot/chase and to make a long story short I had no Camera other that a disposable camera that was in my glove box for about the last three months. I just always keep one in the vehicle for whatever reason. So there I am out spotting/chasing with my younger brother along with me and of course this would be the chase that would land me my first tornado on the ground. I was with it from start to finish. I had my brother get the Disposable out of the glove box and take as many pictures as he could. We also ended up performing damage assessment for county Emergency Management and NWS. I went to get the pictures developed the next day and not one turned out. It must have been the heat in the vehicle that wrecked the film or else it was just a bad camera. All I have from my first Tornado is the site of it in my memory and my brother’s memory. It makes for a great diner time story every once in a great wile when the family and relatives all get together. It is an experience we both will never forget and I would not have wanted to share that experience with any one else other than my brother. Your first Tornado is the one you will never forget. I was glad he was there but I wish he could have watched the Tornado through a viewfinder also. The even harder part about this is that I just took out my nice camera and camcorder out of the vehicle only one week before.

Steve KB9IKO
Are these things just tossed away once used or is the memory cleaned out and then the unit resold? Seems to me that its just another way for us Americans to waste as much as possible.

Are these things just tossed away once used or is the memory cleaned out and then the unit resold?

"The one-time-use camera revolutionized the film market," says Grant Pill, director of photography for CVS, the nation's No. 1 drugstore chain. "We see the same thing happening with video."

Seems to me that its just another way for us Americans to waste as much as possible.

Sales of one-time-use cameras — a favorite cheap accessory for vacations, events and school trips — reached 218 million units last year, from 43 million in 1994, even as film sales tumbled in the digital era.
At $43.00 a pop to purchase and processing I would think sales would fall even faster.Myself can see spending the 29.95 on the camera and even the 12.95 for processing if it was reusable,but for a one time use never. :shock: