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DGEX: Downscaled GFS with Eta Extensions Model

Downscaled GFS with Eta Extension Model:
-Just wondering if anybody use the DGEX model at all in forecasting
-What are your opinions on the DGEX, its strenghts, weakeness, etc in daily forecasting.

Downscaled GFS with Eta Extension (DGEX) Home Page

These are plots of the experimental 8-day forecast from the Downscaled GFS with Eta extension (DGEX) & the operational GFS

DGEX Evaluation Briefing
(mentions a few strengths and weaknesses in the assessment part)

Since it's a medium-long range model only, and medium-long range severe weather forecasting is not of much use, I can't see how it helps storm chasing that much...

It's primary purpose is to make the digital gridded NDFD forecast easier to generate for NWS mets.

- Rob