Development on 4/21 Storms

Dec 8, 2003
Kansas City, Missouri
Interesting development from the storms in NE Kansas/NW Missouri on 4/21. Tornado warnings were originally issued across parts of four counties in NW Missouri that evening - several chasers on the board intercepting this HP hailer supercell. Today I watched a video provided to one of the local channels in KC that shows yet another tornado on this storm that very few witnessed as the storm moved closer to Independence. Have to say that this video was quite impressive - a large, classic, white cone on the ground for a minute or two. Great rotation, clear RFD ... NICE tornado all the way around. Made me a little ill to watch - but good to see an additional touchdown surface from a couple of different rural families. Guess there are still a few out there that chasers don't see from time to time ...

I saw that video on FOX 4 the day after it happened. It was a very photogenic tornado indeed. It seemed like all the storms that fired along the warm front were tornado warned that day. I just happened to be on the wrong one.
Darin - that's the one ... the rotation in the video looked very sweet. Great debris cloud and everything. Wish there could have been some way to stick with that storm now. Hope that wasn't the only chance we're going to get this year! - - -