Denver Video Contest

Mike Hollingshead

Just wondering who on here is planning on entering the contest.
Even if I was still going to the convention, I surely wouldn't touch this contest. The reason why is in the post that Scott Weberpal sent a few hours ago. Right at the beginning of the email it lists a bunch of "guidelines" to follow to make sure your video is "understandable," whatever that means. It gave advice on how to timelaspe, edit, direct, and even what music to use. Right away I realized I'd have no chance of making the cut because I don't handicap myself with a bunch of "industry standards" crap. I shoot the video I want to shoot, and it's done. Hey look, it's a tornado. I'm a chaser. Pretty easy to grasp IMO.

The way that post came across to me is, this isn't just a "wow" type of judgement; they want you to make a movie out of it or something. It sounds more like an independent film festival than an amazing video contest. IMO, amazing video doesn't need to be explained via storyline/directing. It just needs to be watched. Perhaps if this was a most amazing clip contest I'd enter. But if you have to take amazing video and then make that into something that's a story or something, that's overkill.

Two grand would be great, don't get me wrong, but my idea of amazing video is a video, not a concept.
From the very beginning it was noted that this contest would be voted on based upon the quality of production, not the quantity of tornadoes, etc. (Start your editing, plan out your story boards, script your videos...)

We dont want people to simply be awstruck from raw video, we want people to be awestruck and want to tap their feet or get up and dance at the same time. There are certain visual stimuli that work great with certain kinds of music, and storm video is definitely one of them. Music isn't the only thing to think of, you can make it into a comedy doing voice-overs, or make it into a mini-movie production if the quality is good enough. Make people want to laugh, dance, or be'll be on the right track.

If you want to enter, great...if not, great. BNVN does not gain or lose anything with more or fewer entries. BNVN also does not gain anything from holding this contest, the majority of BNVN's clients and assets are from outside of the chaser community. If Doug wanted he could take the prize money and spend a few weeks in the Bahamas, instead he's giving out the money to entertain the convention crowd for a couple hours.

As far as I am PERSONALLY concerned, Doug is pulling money that he could use for's not too much to ask to let him create the rules as he wishes. If scrutiny comes with trying to be a nice guy, so be it.

Scott Weberpal
Originally posted by Scott Weberpal

As far as I am PERSONALLY concerned, Doug is pulling money that he could use for's not too much to ask to let him create the rules as he wishes. If scrutiny comes with trying to be a nice guy, so be it.

Maybe I didn't make myself clear in the chatroom earlier. I never said the rules suck, I just stated that, the way it was first announced, this sounded very much like a best "video" contest, not a best "video production" contest. I think the contest is fine, I just think the original announcement was misleading. I'm fairly certain my orignal post from any other name wouldn't have been such an issue.

I can say one thing though. I'm extremely impressed with the speed of the BNVN information chain; eyes of interests (who rarely visit the forums) were viewing this thread within minutes of the first posts. And they'll be viewing this one within minutes too.
It would be nice if it was voted on my attending conventioners. that way it could be impartial. keep the names of submitters secret so we dont vote for "recognized" names. Just good ole ass kicken' chase video. isnt that what this whole convention is about. Not spotters or or media reps. just chasers getting together to help relieve some serious SDS and get to know each other since we dont have much time for talk on the side of the road.

I cant wait to watch tons of video that weekend and mingle around.
Yeah that is the cool part, it actually is voted on by those in attendance, so long as it makes the final 8 cut. Odd, 179 views to the question as of now yet not one from here saying they are even entering. I like the contest idea with or without money. Just sucks getting to the damn thing costs money to begin with.
Though I've seen a lot higher quality video floating around out there already this year, I plan to enter at this point. Primarily because the contest just sounds like a fun idea, but also because it's enjoyable to learn more about the art of video editing and production. Really anxious to see the work that everyone has put into it.
I sent in my copy of the 10 minutes of chase video that I showed at the Denver-Boulder AMS meeting from the May 10th Limon, CO lawnchair tornado-fest. I didn't do anything special with it except to time lapse as much into the 10 minutes as I could and to add some background music.

I'd enter even if there wasn't a prize - I just want to share what I was fortunate enough to witness myself.
Scott, you mentioned chaser "music videos".... is video going to be allowed in the contest that contains mainstream (or maybe not so mainstream) copyrighted music? Just wanted to clear that up.
For music videos as with all the videos, it is the responsibility of the person entering the contest to acknowledge the rights and clearances for the material in the video. Should they use copyrighted material, such as music from the movie "Twister," it is the responsibility of ther person entering to take care of that. BNVN/Weathevine is only paying for the best presentation, and not licensing work. Should someone use copyrighted material and profit from it, they are ultimately responsible for the licensing of the copyrighted material. BNVN/Weathervine is not responsible for checking the copyright status of any particular music or video. IE, use copyrighted material at your own risk.
I'd like to say I'm sorry for all the stupid comments I've made...they have been rather childish. I'd really love it if I could not act so stupid on spur of the moment replies, but I know me and I can't....but I can at least say that I'm sorry for being an ass now. I hope everyone has a blast in Denver.