Dennis - High-res landfall radar frames

Dec 4, 2003
Stormtrack is now running real-time radar of the landfall using near-street level maps. Animations are also available.


About time Stormtrack got into the "storm track" business.
This is good. I have access to most radars, etc, like everyone else, but this is something I didn't have. By the looks of this, I'm SOOO glad I decided not to go there. If it hits in this metro area, it would be so difficult to physically track, and to get around. I'll be tracking tropical tubes from this though.
Tim, thanks very much for setting this up! I am glad I am not out there chasing, instead I'm sitting at home with Pepsi, a couple of TV's and my computer watching updates.

Bill Hark
That is super sweet Tim! Thanks! :)

I notice that you are using an aviation map. Was there a particular reason for this choice? It also looks like you are using GR3? Perhaps you are using the aviation map as a background GIS file? I'm just curious....pretty interesting combination. It rocks! :)

Ummm......nevermind. I see the text in the lower left...."Generated by Digital Atmosphere and ImageMagik" :lol:
It's the Tactical Pilotage Chart. It's the only standard map series at that scale I have found that covers the entire U.S. (or the world). I considered the FAA's sectional charts but they are darker and messier. The USGS does not produce anything at this scale, unfortunately.

I was using the radar first hand today and it was great! It loaded really fast on my mobile internet and I used it all the way until the eye passed over. The only problem was that it was a zoomed in just a bit too much. Since the squalls move so fast(and non stop) being just a couple minutes behind it was really hard to tell what was coming our way. I hope that you will do the same for all the hurricanes making landfall this year.