Decided to remove blogs

I can't speak for everyone, but I will definitely miss these blogs as they were full to the brim with excellent links and were a very valuable source for information. Thanks for keeping them up as long as you did though!
Mike, I don't know what reasons you have for losing interest in storm chasing......personal reasons, bad experience, or burnout...whatever. Personally 2002 was so bad for me due to various reasons that I almost quit myself. Just remember, you can always come back, be it a year or 25 years later. You don't have to "be" a "storm chaser". So what if you ignore the weather pattern for half the spring and then go out for a chase one it. It is probably healthier than the crap that most of us do...pouring over maps every day and comparing the possibilites to our work schedules. The community (and the weather) will be here for you.

And if not.....enjoy your other hobbies. There are many that are more that reward a dose of enjoyment every time versus storm chasing which can often feel like, :-(
I for one visted the blogs quite often. I appreciate the hard work it took to find all of those links. Sad to see it go :(
I lost interest in storm chasing and other stuff, revolves around my 77 year father
and his financial blunders, and other problems with him. Also for some reason, my
father and sister will not allow me to leave Michigan not even for out-of-state
interviews. Its a long complicated story, where I being gulted in staying. etc.

Bottom line: All I want is to be happy again, have a good paying job, a woman,
and live somewhere in tornado alley.

I too hate to see it go. I used it quite often because it was so complete. You put a lot of research in to that and you should be proud of it.

As for family, yeah, they can do that with the guilt thing. Not knowing any more about it than what you have written here at ST, I can't comment on that aspect of your situation. Remember though, life is short - accomplish what you can.

Don't give up on chasing...