Davis WX Station replacement parts

Anyone know of some good value sources for replacement parts for Davis stations? I specifically need a couple of sets of wind cups and a new wind vane. Hail is a tough bird on those cups! :shock:
I got most of my replacement parts straight through Davis themselves. Get a catalog if you can't find it on their website. You can get all their parts easily from them. I replaced cups and wires through them.

Bargins may be held on eBay or other sites, but spare parts are harder to find.

Direct from Davis about the best way to get replacement parts. They don't show up on e-bay very often and the cups aren't all that expensive. I try to keep at least two sets in the truck as I manage a few "bird strikes" each season.

There were enough last year that my daughter nicknamed my truck "Meadow Lark Masher" :roll:
I thought about going through Davis directly, but often times when you go to the source you end up paying the "suggested retail price" and not the actual lower price you might get it "retail" from a distributor.