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Davis Vantage PRO2 solar sensor

Hey all,

I have a WS Davis VantagePRO2 including solar radiation sensor. With this extra sensor you are able to calculate also the sun duration, its actually just calculated time when solar radiation is above a threshold you choose.

So I am wondering if someone, who have these weather stations, could advice me which threshold is the optimal to set that I get at least approximate value for sun duration. I have it at 120W/m2 currently, but sun durations are too low compared to other stations around. If I set it to 0W/m2, then I get similar times, but its obvious that when its not totally cloudy I get like around 20W/m2 so it'd start calculating me sun duration. Other stations would report 0min.

Are there maybe any official WMO standards which have these thresholds set up? I know we cannot compare there amateur stations with professional instruments, but would be still nice to at least get closer to real values if it gives me a chance to calculate it.

Thanks for any help!