Davis Vantage Pro problem

Feb 28, 2004
Newport Beach, CA
I've owned a Vantage Wireless Pro for over 2 years. During those years the station has been positioned 6 feet above my roof, 30 feet above the ground.

In the past month or so the receiver looses the signal often. Sometimes for just 1 minute and sometimes for 30 minutes.

The manual states the lithium battery lasts for 2 years so I thought the solution was replacing it. So, I climbed the roof two weeks ago and installed a new duracell lithium battery (not oem).

Unfortunately the signal is still lost intermittently. The receiver gain is set to high and the receiver is only 20 feet from the ISS (straight line distance) with no metal objects interferring.

Has anyone expereienced the same problem? I really dont want to take everything down and send it to Davis if its a simple fix. Maybe the wireless units just wear out after so long?

You can view the live reporting of the station (sometimes you can see where it looses the signal) @:
I wonder if you've started getting some wireless interference. That has happened recently in my neighborhood. Same symptom, lose signal but then it's back in just a minute or 2. It's getting frequent enough I'm getting ready to move everything back to a cabled environment. I recently moved a friends business from wireless to cabled due to so much interference from businesses around her. Solved all her intermittent connection problems.

Just a thought...
I had similar problems with my Vantange Pro. I traced it to a 2.4ghz cordless phone. There would be long cut outs whenever anyone was on the phone. I got rid of the phone and have never had another problem. Occaisionally I'll get a weak signal, but that is it.

I also have a Vantage Pro 2 at another property. No problems there, receiver to console distance is about 700 feet too.