Jamie Lahowetz

I was looking throught the many HAM radio catalogs and happened apon an ad by Icom for thier ID-1 unit. This thing is very cool. It allows you to recieve 128K broadband anywhere by using local repeaters and a backbone system. Also, it can act as a HAM radio and able to digitize voice. I believe this may be something near what police officers use so that they can access databases anywhere. Very cool and not cheap, the ID-1 has a price tag of 1349.99 for the D-STAR unit and a interface plate (They tell me the Laptop is not included).
Features Include:
Open protocol TCP/IP structure
Digital voice and data capability
Data 128K (130kHz bandwidth)
ATM multiplex (on the backbone)
Multi-site capability with high speed microwave backbone 10Mbps
Internet interface capability
Repeater handles both digital and analog voice

Anyone have this? Although i would love to hook this thing up to a laptop and head to the sandhills it will have to remain on my wish list, that makes me sad.