Currently Located In New Orleans or Near Landfall? Post Here

Thought I'd start this thread for those caught in this storm to share thoughts with each other, or the rest of us. Why are you there? Do you live there, or are you chasing? Tell us your thoughts.
again, In mobile. waiting.....

recent north jog is interesting.

I live here, go to school here and have made 4 tropical interceptons with in 60 miles of here in the last year. crazy I tell ya.

several reasons for not going west but one is that im in about of nice of a facility that you could ask for.

Jim Bartlett and Adam Duncan (up and coming chaser) are here as well.
I would think if you are stuck in New Orleans area, you would want to seek shelter in a tall (probably over 3 story) steel reinforced concrete building that is sturdy and fairly modern. If it is a hotel you would want to fill up bathtubs with fresh water, and get as much as you can. Grab as much shelf stable food as you can and first aid kit at a minimum.

New Orleans I hear has about ten shelters opened for the public. One is the Superdome which is located on some of the highest ground in the city.

Regardless, don't panic, but plan as intelligently, reasonably, and quickly as you can.

Not sure if it's too late to evacuate. I think they have both directions of traffic opened up now though. If you choose to evacuate be aware of the possibility of getting caught in the open if traffic doesn't move and take that into your planning considerations.
trees and flooding are'nt an issue. i am in a formidable home with boarded windows, septic, well and desil generator. am i ok?
I lived in Covington in the early 80s. in 83 there was a huge flood resulting from rain. You needed a boat to go more than two miles from Abita Springs to Slidell. This is going to be far more serious, even if Katrina weakens to a Cat 4.

I have a lot of friends down there in the city: Gretna, Garden District, Tulane Ave, Chalmette, Kenner, Metarie and Covington. Hoping that those who were able left, and those who were not able will find safe harbor.

That having been said, I wish I was there.

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