Hey... we all know contrails don't exist. They are CHEMtrails.... a secret government project to infect us all!!!!!

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Back in April we were coding SKC (sky clear) all morning before the first plane made its trek across the sky. By late afternoon we were coding 100% sunshine while completely overcast with contrails. The entire day there were no clouds except the persistent contrails.

Back on topic though...I assume its possible to see contrails on the vis. I have never seen them though. That day we were overcast with contrails you couldn't see them on vis. I've seen much thicker cirrus that couldn't even be seen.

Are you familiar with the marine layer that forms off the west coast? If you get bored its always fun to watch for ships leaving Los Angeles on the visible satellite. You can't see the ships, but their engine exhaust can seed the clouds causing them dissapate. Its pretty cool.

Edit: I didn't notice the disstrails link, that's exactly what is happening with the ships. I was flying in an airplane once and saw another plane making disstrails. The clouds were cutting apart and dissapating as it passed by.