Congrats to Mike Hollingshead - Kansas City Star Article

Just wanted to let fellow STers know that Mike Hollingshead's work was featured in the headline story of this past Sunday's Kansas City Star StarMagazine supplement entitled Twist & Shoot. Some of his absolutely incredible supercell shots, along with Warren Faidley's lightning, along w/ a local TV helicopter traffic reporter/storm chaser named Johnny Rowlands were presented, along with a nice article describing the background, motivations and adventures of each. I have certainly enjoyed viewing his work this season, and am glad it was shared with a much wider audience in Kansas City. Congratulations, Mike!
Mike, do you know by chance wether you can find this article online somehwere?

I know I would be interested in reading this as I'm sure many other would be...

Only one I could find was called "The storm troopers" from June 12, 2005.

But of have to have a subscription to view it online so I can't read it. Bahahahha...they want me to pay $7 for 3 articles.
As someone in both journalism and storm chasing ... I'm always glad to see intelligent and professional stuff make it to print. My congrats.
Did they get the pics in an email and just use them?

:D :D :D

Congrat's Mike. I was telling my wife earlier today that, IMO, you and Eric Nguyen are probably the 2 best severe weather photographers out there currently. Awesome job man.
Thanks for the kind words all. LOL, Aaron, Chris. The photo editor for them actually did get that e-mail...sigh.