Confederation Bridge waterspout

Wow, way cool! Let me now if you find any other photos/videos from this event, it would be cool to see the video of it crossing the bridge :)

I remember that on june 18, 2002 a series of extremely destructive (F2 :wink: ) tornadoes moved through Denmark. I studied this outbreak extensively.

As is often the case, no known photos/video surfaced documententing the storms in progress. :cry: When I discovered that one tornado had gone through a gas station I couldn't help but feeling a little uplifted since that would mean that the tornado, or certainly the destruction, had been caught by the security cameras.

Spurting with confidence I visited the station and asked about the tapes, but I was denied access as they were not allowed to release them if no crime had been commited!!! :banghead:

Anyway, so that's my story, guess your rules about releasing security tapes are a little different LOL :wink:
I will definately post anything else I can find. I would imagine that someone on the bridge got video since it's tourist season.

As for the security tapes, I would guess that policies are unique at individual businesses. This being a way kewl event, there was prolly not much hesitation on releasing the image(s). ;-)

Be well, TR
Certainly not cheap, but when ferry is the only other (much longer and $10 more) option...and the $39 is round trip.

However, this is not an ordinary bridge:

Confederation Bridge

There was a "Forbidden Places" show on one of the Discovery Channels on the bridge and considering the water it has to cross, it's quite an engineering marvel.

Be well, TR