Computer Crash Help!

B Ozanne

May 3, 2004
My computer at work just crashed hard. There is nothing too important on it except for some Quickbook files I really need. Does anybody have a link to the basic DOS commands?

The command line seems to work pretty well, if I just new the commands I could copy the right files to a floppy.

BTW - The data recovery was a success. I took it to a local computer guy and he ran a scandisk. He found numerous errors on the hard drive that were un-repairable. I got the computer back and was able to access all my files via the command prompt in DOS. I was able to find the files I needed most and copy them onto my floppy. I guess I was lucky because all my files were less than 1.4mb's so they fit onto one disk. Without a floppy I'm not sure how smooth this would have been.

Needless to say I was pretty proud of myself. If I couldn't do this myself I was going to have to spend big bucks to get this data, or spend a couple of days reconstructing it in Quickbooks. It also kicked my butt into gear in terms of keeping my data backed up properly.

Just type in FORMAT C: *.* :wink:

All your troubles will be fixed in no time at all.
jut kidding, I love/hate computers. They are the quintessential example of Murphy's Law. Good Luck
Or if you have a really old MS-DOS computer, type PARK to park the heads (remember that alleged no-no?).

I know formatting the drive will remove all the data/files but will it fix the errors? Or, are the errors on the hard drive actually scratches? I was going to toss that machine but now I am considering rebuilding it.
Unless you dropped the hard drive it is most likely fine. You might be developing bad sectors in it though. Most hard drive companies have downloadable utilities for their drives which allow you to write "0's" to the drive which helps recover lost and some bad sectors.