Colorado Snowstorm Series

This is unbelievable! As the third round of this snowstorm series ends, we sit again here in Denver for the third week in a row watching more white stuff cover the city. Today's storm pales in comparison to the previous two, and on its own, would certainly be no big deal, but when added to the previous two storms, its making for yet another big mess.

At my apartment in Lakewood, snow totals from storms looked like this...

STORM 1: December 20-21
25 inches

STORM 2: December 28-30
17 inches (measured by house sitter as I was out of town)

STORM 3: January 5
7 inches


That's not including lighter storms in October and November which dumped another 22.5 inches; my official measurments at my place is 71.5 from 7 different storms.

Measurements across Denver from the last two storms have pushed 4 to 7 feet in places. You can check out updated maps from the two big December storms at NWS - Denver.

This map I like; the zoomed in shot of the Denver Metro area showing snow totals from both storms. Imagine had this been one giant shot! Fortunately we did get a break, but the trend continues...


I have pages dedicated to the bigger storms of the season thus far...

October 26, 2006 (10 inches)
December 20, 2006 (25 inches)
January 5, 2007 (7 inches)

And the GFS is hinting at yet another system late next week! Unreal!
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