Close lightning on videos.

I would have yelped, too! That looked like it just about hit the camera! Great clip!

Nice to know David's not the only lightning rod around. :lol: :lol:

Edit: BTW, Mike....FANTASTIC pics you have!
Amazing video, kudos! (or whatever the hell the word is :) ) That second clip shot by your friend might have been the closest strike caught on tape I've seen so far. Would've been amazing to see the lightning striking the ground. Shame on your friend for not having the foreknowledge to point the camera in that direction lol.

I have an ambivalent realtionship with lightning. I'd really like to capture a very close strike on camera, but in the same time I'm deathly afraid of the inevitable earshattering bang associated with such an ocurrence. Ideally it would strike so close that the shockwave had passed me before turning into a soundwave lol.

The closest I think I've been to a strike I saw visually was in 1997. I lived in an abandoned farm back then and just as I walked out the door to get a look at the storm, a blinding strike struck just 30-40 meters from me. It went directly into the ground and made quiet a hole in the gravel there. I wish I'd had my camera back then.
It looks like that second video shows the lightning striking your car. What exactly happened?

That isn't my footage. That is from a guy I used to work with. Apparently it hit right outside his vehicle. That is his daughter yelping.
heres a video grab from what almost gave me a nice unwanted tan this past Sunday! I'm still learning about my new camcorder, and once I figure out how to get video online, I'll get the clip up!

OMFG those are some incredible close strikes, Mike!! :shock:
I remember when I witnessed some close strikes, I love that scratchy sound right after strike hits. Not even 0.5s after you hear an extreme thunder. I just love such moments! :D 8)
Here's one I took out my bedroom window on 9/19/2002 - it doesn't show up well on this video but a utility pole about 300 feet away took a direct hit. If you look towards the bottom of the screen you can see the reflection of my TV which shut off after the lightning hit.....I apologize that the audio is not the best so you will need to turn the volume all the way up.
Hi John,

It was too close for comfort and I thought the first one was close. How close do people esimate it to be considering it was bright enough and 'instant' thunder? I estimate that it had to hit a tree around us say within 50metres away.


Jimmy Deguara