Classes for beginning storm chasers.

Bill Norlin

Does anyone know if there is an off-season class where a beginning storm chaser can enjoy the presence of other beginners and feel free to ask lots of dumb questions? In my imagination, such a seminar would last 2 to 5 days, offer a patient classroom environment, be guided by an experienced senior chaser, and thoroughly explain the weather charts, equipment and methodology of storm chasing.
I am not thinking along the lines of a personalized storm chase or commercial tour and certainly not an evening storm spotter's course, but more along the lines of a proffesional introduction with a thoughtful, patient, classroom environment, again off-season, and dedicated to absolute beginners. does anyone know if such a course exists and how much? My wife and oldest would like to know.

I've been teaching such courses for about five years now, each catering to the skill level of the group. There is a $$$ rate for private "roll your own" training in Austin anytime, or you can come out to the March 6 quasi-intermediate-advanced class in Norman, Okla. Probably in the summer we will have some additional classes in the Dallas area and can focus in on an absolute novice format.

There is also this option in South Dakota: but I know nothing about it and can't really comment on it.

Tim Vasquez
How about any distance learning introductory classes? I'd love to be able to take a course at KU, but it's just too far for me, plus in the middle of the work day. I'd also love to take one of your classes, Tim, but convincing my wife to make a trip to the Dallas area won't happen any time soon (like, not this year probably). But some kind of distance learning course that's a bit more detailed than "Weather for Dummies" would fit the bill well (personally, some kind of class structure would be good for me--I'm not so good at organizing my own learning experience from all the little tutorials, FAQs, and what-not available on the web or in print).

If you wanna take a class from KU I have just the answer for you. Well it is kind of an expensive answer but its an option. KU offers two distance learning met. courses. Intro. to Met. and Severe and Unusual weather. They are kind of expensive at around $600 but if you really want to take a class I guess its an option. For more information go to.

Hey, thanks, Darin! I didn't even think to go looking for KU Extension.