Chicago WSR-88D is out again!!! UGGHH!!

Mar 3, 2004
Mt Prospect, IL
This has got to be at least the third time the Romeoville, IL NEXRAD is out of commission in the last 4 months or so. Back in August the radar went out before the tornaodes in Dekalb and Mchenry counties. I hope it's back on by Friday.
The radar is back up again! Oh happy day! It better not go down again.

That was weird, when I first posted this, it went into the Target Area FCST thread for 10/29. :? I had to delete it, and try again I wonder how that happened. Anyone else ever submitted a post and had it misdirected before?
Well it doesn't really pertain to the actual forecast threat in Target area. We are trying to keep the rules enforced in that forum. My guess is one of the other moderators moved it.

You missed my point there. I moved the post myself. I know it doesn't belong there, and I deleted it. What I meant was that I posted it here, and it was misdirected to that thread. First time it's ever happened. Has anyone else seen this happen?