Checking out CD decks...

I found this one at Best Buy:

This looks real low end, but I just need something to get my laptop and ham radio audio to the car speakers. Its got a thirty dollar discount, so I dont think its a bad deal for $80. The speaker on my HT is ok for handheld use but in the car it could use a little boost, and the laptop is just way too quiet. Plus I'll be able to use laptop for MP3's and movies to keep my my non-chaser chase partners occupied.
I have this same radio in my car, and my music sounds like a million bucks compared my stock radio, which had much less wattage and had no line input (so my iPod had to play through the tape deck or over FM). It does not sound as cheap as it looks (even though it is made by Sony), really.

Also, it has a feature that adds the radio stations with the strongest signals to your presets, which could come in handy when chasing.