Cheapest Camera with Long Exposure

Sep 25, 2006
Livonia, MI, USA
So last night while out watching the aurora, I tried to take a couple of pictures with my DSC-P50 so I could try and multiply them for an extended exposure effect. Not the best camera in the world, but for $50 at the time, I couldn't complain.

Well, I got home last night and tried to mess with the images and got no where. For a while now I've tried different ways to get my camera to take longer exposures, but to no avail.

For all you photo geeks, what's the cheapest route I can go to get a 30 second exposure. I'm not sure where to even start but I'm certainly on a budget. Is there anything else that I can try doing or changing in the camera to get something close to a long exposure?
I purchased from eBay a Kodak Z730 camera (5mp)... while I have yet to use its lengthy exposure, it has a setting that will allow you to go as high as 60 seconds. I paid about $140 for the package with shipping from Otter Creek Electronics on eBay. For the price, it was worth investing just to have the backup camera (a carry-with-me camera).


I'm not sure when I will finally get around to testing the 60 second exposure, but the camera does have that function available to you. Noise and other goodies for such a cheap camera may create similar issues to what you're currently having, but for the price, its worth finding out I suppose.

Good luck in your search!

Got my tax refund done already so I bought a refurbished Z730 for $120 and a 1GB Ultra II SD Card for $35. Next comes the solar film for my light bucket!

The seller has one more for sale. This is extremely cheap for a refurb and the seller is 100%. PM me for the link.