Chasing Attire?

Billy Griffin

Question for the chasing community... what dress attire for chasing? Yeah, I know, that's really a dumb question.

Here's where I'm going with this... I'm one of these dummies who freelances for a local TV station here in the OKC metro, and often times, something has occurred when suddenly I have to make an appearance on TV. Seeing is how I have a "face for radio" :wink: , I figure I'd better dress appropriately, at least in a nice shirt and jeans.

Although I don't have any official stormchasing attire, anyone have a favorite "good luck" shirt?

One more thing to add on why I ask... I think we ran into "Bill", the character from King of the Hill, last Saturday up in Kansas. Actually with "Boom Hower" - these two pulled up beside us and followed us around a bit while DRINKING their beer! :shock: :?



I guess I could call it a uniform... all four images (including the avatar) taken on different days and I actually am wearing the exact same thing each time (Skywarn hat, cargo pants, and my lucky #81 Redskins jersey). Hehehe.. I am a nerd!

Thanks to Verne Carlson for the middle image.
T-shirt and a pair of shorts with lots of pockets (cargoes). I love the pockets for various camera things such as lens caps, filters, and memory cards. I've also used my car cup holders as lens holders :p

I usually wear jeans, tshirt, and sneakers.

Here's a question for you: Is wearing a storm chaser related shirt while you're out chasing like wearing the band's tshirt to the concert?
When I am out chasing for the station, I usually wear the same shirt with the station logo that the regular photogs wear and shorts, jeans, or cargo pants. Otherwise, just a t-shirt or polo shirt. I try not to look like a bum, but when you spend sooooo many miles in a vehicle, it's hard to not be as comfortable as possible as well.
Actually, not a dumb question at all. I do give some thought to the topic. In the Plains, not so much of a big deal. However, this is what I have found to be most practical for the Desert Monsoon:

*Sleeveless top to be most comfortable in heat that can rise up to 115 degrees F. Even after temps drop almost an instant 15 degrees at sunset it is still warm outside.
*Jeans or khakis (with pockets preferably, to keep car keys close at hand, and hold stuff like lens cloth, knife, tiny red flashlight for adjusting camera settings when its hard to see in the dark).
*Ponytail (wind in hair gets in the way of camera)
*Clear, no-color ski-type sunglasses are handy eye protection in blowing sand and dust (evening).
*Good sunglasses - UV protection (day) and keep hat handy for sun protection during day
*Good, hard-toed cowboy or hiking boots for protection against cactus, stickers and things that can bite and sting (PS - even in the Plains I saw some red ants in Amarillo TX that made me glad I was wearing cowboy boots).

Here's what I avoid when chasing in the desert:

*Shorts (too much exposure to the cacti and prickly stuff)
*Open-toed shoes (one big reason...the Teddy Bear Cholla: LOL)
*Black objects and clothing (attractive to bees)
*Perfume and scents (very attractive to bees)
*Leather (bees again)
*Bangly shiny jewelry (those darn bees). But I wear Indian jewelry anyway and since I don't want to lose it I leave it on.
*Red, pink, or bright orange blouse or clothing in the desert (bees, hummingbirds, etc. you can really confuse the wildlife)

Other handy things to have with you when chasing Monsoon:

*Much extra water
*Mosquito repellent - a lot of photography happens at twilight and there are mosquitoes, even in the desert
*Hiking stick - not that you'll be hiking but handy if you (absolutely have to) move a snake or tarantula. Of course, don't mess with critters unless you have no choice (I did feel sorry for a tarantula in the road the other day and picked him up with a stick to move him).
*Bright light to illuminate the desert brush that could possibly be in the foreground of your picture. Nothing is more annoying than a great shot but some blurry chaparral that wasn't detected at the time. Also a light can check for road washouts, and telephone lines that you don't see at the time, that can run right through a good storm photo.
*Long knife or machete to trim pieces of dried brush if they are ruining a foreground. Also, during monsoon (August), prickly pear fruits ripen. I might have some if I am not on park or Indian land or some area where people shouldn't pick cactus fruits.
One word: Comfortability. Comfortableness. Comfort! Ha, knew I'd find it eventually. ;)

blue jeans (i find these handy in those fields that have high weeds).
my Dallas Stars hat (never go anywhere without it).
and one of the following shirts
1.Deep E.TX Skywarn shirt
2.TESSA shirt
3.NSSL shirt (the one with the Anadarko,OK tornado on the back).

and don't worry Tony,during the winter storms (starting here around Nov.),i wear my Dallas Stars Jersey all the time.
Hmm usually jeans and a Tshirt. That's what I normally wear anyway so it's all good. I'm partial to my Weather Weenie shirt...I dunno wearing sucha nerdy shirt gets me in the mood more when we're heading's a complete mental thing
A pair of flip-flops ... and that's about it ...

hehe ... wouldn't want to put anyone through that -

Generally a T-shirt, jeans and tennis shoes (I've always thought about the shoes ... if I wear sandals and suddenly have to make a run for it somewhere, wouldn't be good) ...

Also have to consider the weather setup for the day. If it's an early spring chase with a strong cold front, there have been times I've even needed a jacket on the way home. Warm sector is always good, but it can get nasty cold behind some of these systems -
I usually wont hit the road with without my sleeveless KU Met. t-shirt. I consider it to be good luck but since I wear it almost every chase I don't know how much truth there is to that. Other than than that it's shorts and sandals because I feel that if you need to wear heavier clothing during the chase it's probably too cold to chase in the first place. My gortex rain jacket is also a must.
Jeans or cargo pants. We have t-shirts with our logo and the hi vis shirt on the left.
T-shirt and a pair of shorts with lots of pockets (cargoes). I love the pockets for various camera things such as lens caps, filters, and memory cards. I've also used my car cup holders as lens holders :p


Same here on that one. Lot's of places to put, and lose things. Then I'll usually have on my adidas sandals that I wear every summer day.
Full military BDU's as to USMC specifications, tactical vest, face paint, and USMC-approved military boots. Oh, wait, wrong hobby...hmm.

Usually just Wrangler jeans, and a t-shirt. And of course my filthy Jeff Gordon ballcap, as well as the givens like shoes, socks, underwear, etc. And American Optical Original Pilot sunglasses.
Long socks are a must....I will tell you why:

On one of my first chases back in 1997, I was in the panhandle of oklahoma watching a dying squall line. I was up on the hill enjoying the gust front not knowing what I would discover the next day.

In the shower the next morning I had ticks all over me! :x I dont venture in the knee high grass anymore!
My kung fu attire, because it's so comfortable: baggy black pants (no pockets, unfortunately :(), loose black t-shirt that says "Got Kung Fu?" with the school's name underneath and black cloth shoes that are very good for running.

Yeah, whatever I happen to wearing, basically. In the spring/summer monthes, it's usually just a T-shirt with jeans...