Chasers - Caution in Galveston and coastal areas!

Mike Johnson

TWC just noted that the "slosh" (?) model is showing a 38-foot storm surge in parts of Galveston Island if the storm hits there. Just a word of caution to anyone planning to stay and play along the coast. They are also saying that "inbound" bridges to Galveston are being closed soon -- although I did not hear the time of closure. Be safe!

I wouldnt want to be in Galveston any more than I would have wanted to be in New Orleans or Katrina. Stay inland. Your wind whipping the palms video will look the same 30 miles inland as it will 20 ft from shore watching a Tsunami swallow you.
Only one bridge "causeway" into South" I H 45 to Galveston Island from Houston metro and believe me it is probably allready closed in bound