Chaser Party Live Streamcast

Shane Adams

Just wondering how many on the list caught part of the party last night online? JR had quite the cool set up as folks from all over the world were able to view the festivities, which included chaser video and the painting of TAP 4.

JR might have started a trend in chaser party interaction.
I watched it, it was great! Watching the videos was even pretty clear. It was also great having you guys signed into the chat room letting us know who's video was showing and answering questions from us. I felt like I was there!
I had no idea this was going to happen (live via the Net), but I was gone at my tailgating party anyway. Got a bad storm in the middle of it, it was too cool. I was the only one there who appreciated it though.
I caught it towards the end - looked like quite a bit of impressive video was shown. Had to refresh it quite a bit in order to keep the video streaming, but overall it turned out pretty good.