Chaser-on-the-Road page, a few questions

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Mike Gauldin

For anyone that hasn't seen my site (which I'm currently re-doing to clean it up a bit and make it look the same, or close, in all browsers), I have a Chaser-on-the-Road (see crappy original) page which my intent is to offer some of the more common pages of the NWS and SPC that people chasing looks at (WWA, MDs, SPC Meso, NWS, etc...) and be able to bring up like just a map of the current WWA or whatever for a given area (the page is based mainly for Oklahoma Chasers, but I'm willing to expand). I just thought it would be cool to be able to have a page where all of that is put in one place for people on the road with dial-up to be able to look at a summary (ie small SPC MD graphic that is all-so popular on most weather sites), so you wouldn't have to load the whole SPC page just to see if a new MD was out. Upon click, it would load the SPC MD page. My questions are:

1) Is this something that any of you would use (if you don't live in Oklahoma, just pretend it's for your state... or pretend you live here if you can bare that thought).

2) If so, what would you find useful on it. I plan on things like:

-SPC Day 1 Outlook

-SPC Hourly Mesoanalysis



-WWA Graphics and Text (trying to figure out how maybe to do it by NWS WSO area)

3) What type of advanced coding (like PHP, ASP, etc...) would make this more flexable. Ideally I would like to have the ability to load more than one item, but I'm not sure how to do that with just like HTML, CSS, and some cut and page Javascript (which I'm not fond of, but it works... sometimes).

4) What's a good way to parse data from like an NWS observation site?

I would like it to be able to fit on a 1024x768 screen, but will also work with 800x600, but keeps most of the stuff on the screen. It also needs to refresh images and such about every 5 min. I'm currently going to have to use imbedded Iframes, and I know there's got to be a better way, but again, since I don't really know advanced programming, I don't know which one I should try to learn (enough to do what I want). I pic things up pretty fast and I'm familiar with programming syntax, so I might be able to just figure one out.
I sorta already do that with the icons on my desktop.

For example, I have downloaded radar images, right-clicked the images, chose "properties", and set the URL for the image (not the whole page) as the URL for my icons (desktop shortcuts). I have an icon/shortcut for every radar site in my chasing area, and each icon is the site's station identifier. That speeds up my d/l times, naturally.

I've done the same with MD's, etc., and have set up sat imagery for ~20K file sizes that are still quite usable.

Nice Looking page.

I like the page it's and simple. I also do the same thing with icons in Firefox. We (Matt KG4FEQ and I) have thought about a dynamic system that takes out gps location and parses the data in the field so we only get local data. We are in the very early stages of testing some field based trials.

Keep up the good work.
W Ashley made a page that is free for people to modify... here's my unaltered version...

It has 95% of the links I need... I'll probably modify it at some point. It works well on my PDA w/wifi or cell.


That just about what mine will be, few changes here and there. Thanks for the link, I've never seen that before. Pretty cool!
What you might add for those of us using cell connections is an assortment of products highly compressed in one download file. Include digital atmosphere download data. That way when we connect we can grab everything quick from you site in 1 file.

I think most chasers with a web site have made their own pages with what they want. I've had that one for a few years and I've sworn I'd update it with stuff, but then again I don't need or want that much to look at. Radar, surface, and satellite and I'm happy.
Originally posted by Aaron Kennedy
W Ashley made a page that is free for people to modify... here's my unaltered version...

It has 95% of the links I need... I'll probably modify it at some point. It works well on my PDA w/wifi or cell.


That's a pretty nice page Aaron. I like the way it has a frame on the left and type of product on top with display of resulting product in main screen. Perhaps I should consider using one of these on chases or make something similar for myself and others to use. Who did you say created it?