Chaseone 2004 Highlights DVD

I watched Bobby's 2004 chase video today and can say any storm lover who needs a vid and gets this, that they won't be dissapointed. Everything about it was top notch, from the vid quality itself, to the editing, and the storms.

The vid I feel highlights 3 main chases, and does so very well. First one would be the Colorado May 10 tornadofest. The timelapse of this event is seriously one of the best TLs I've ever seen(the vid has many TL segments). The late big stovepipe acted like it was just going to churn on into the next day as the lighting got lower and lower on this long-lived beautiful tornado. I'd have to say this segment of the video was my favorite. Can't help but love those tornadoes that seem as if they are whole states away from any precip. Just an updraft and a big fat tornado perfecly backlit.

Next up was the May 28 Maskell NE beauty. Again, the timelapse of this is awesome. This was the freaky mothership supercell in northeast Nebraska on one of those sneaky low profile chase days. Not sure anyone on the morning of this chase day would expect to see this thing later. It's just an out of this world storm.....a must see.

The final highlight chase was May 29. He nails the Jamestown tornadic supercell. The storm nails him back, blowing the camera to the Those are always classic shots. So far he has some of the best footage of this large tornado I've seen. I know many of you saw this storm and will want to see this clip.

I am slowly gathering a list of a few certain chasers that put out top quality chase vids...I just added Bobby. I trade alot of chase vids a year and slowly find myself each year wanting to see something nicer then the norm, or more interesting. I don't know what exactly it is, but I know after I watch the vid and this one had whatever that is. Nice work Mr. Eddins.

I also received and watched Bobby’s vid last week. Sorry it took so long to post but been busy. And this vid has some amazing footage; The May 10th Colorado tornados are awesome! The last tornado of the day goes from rope, trunk, to wedge in seconds, amazing. And all the while, the cows go lazily by! If you’re into seeing great tornados, then you should check this one out. Great footage Bobby, and thanks for the extremely fast shipping.

This DVD is excitement throughout! Bobby captures all the storms from the best viewing angles and keeps the action in focus and stable all the while. The chapter 'Chasing Time' is mezmorizing to watch. The DVD is expertly produced with scene fades, chapter selections, and background music.

Buy this DVD if you can!
Dave Crowley and I watched Bobby's DVD today. Dave still can't post on ST, so I will do the honors...

The show starts with a huge storm on April 22 in Forestburg Tx, with amazing structure and anvil. Reminds us a lot of chasing in NE Oklahoma...trees and more trees obscurring the base...
Now, the May 10 Limon Colorado storm follows....this was an awesome storm!! The entire sequence is shot back-lit by the sun. Non-stop tornadoes from this cell! Makes us want to drive to Colorado more. As the storm was near Cedar Point Co, it lends one of the best structure videos I've seen all year! woah! At one point (after 6 or 7 tornadoes) a nice trunk forms with satellite vortices going crazy all around it. The final prize is a HUGE wedge that literally appears in less than 20 seconds. Again, all backlit by the now setting sun. Cool stuff!!
It was nice to see another view of the May 26 storm along I-35 in Oklahoma. We were approaching from the E, Bobby was to the south, and got the couple of tornadoes we were late for. Serious rotation and ground contact near hwy 177 and the power plant N of hwy 64. Cool to see the other angle.

The storm structure on the May 28th storm in Nebraska was amazing as well. The meso had a bubbling mess going on underneath it, and I watched it twice, FF the second time to watch it faster. This segment ends with a beautiful sunset and mega rain shaft illuminated by it.
May 29...Jamestown Kansas was a massive storm. After a couple of smaller tornadoes, a large one forms and in the video you can see the massive HP rotate and suck in all the rain in front of them. This is followed by yet another tornado, in close proximity to his location.

The DVD ends with a great music/time lapse montage of the entire video's tripodded/dash mounted footage.
A great DVD, great cover work for the case, and no problems at all running it on my pc or tv's dvd player
We enjoyed watching this DVD, and as always, it helps us say one thing..."Hurry up May!"
Bobby Eddins delivers a wonderful video in “Chaseone – 2004 Chase Highlights.â€￾ The DVD case contains some beautiful artwork and the video continues with an artistic atmosphere.

The May 10th Limon, CO chase provides several tornadoes on a day missed by many chasers. Some of the first tornado activity shows excellent RFD motion as the tornado plays in rain. Later towards sunset, a black tilted rope tornado gracefully stretches across a breathtaking sky. The entire scene resembles a painting. That tornado is followed by a wedge as darkness sets in. It appears the tornado sits in one place for several minutes as a cow walks in the foreground unaware of the spectacle.

Sooner Lake, OK was another good catch missed by many, and Maskell, NE provides truly breathtaking supercell structure. I sure wish I would have seen that amazing structure! Jamestown, KS follows these events with more tornadoes including a couple anticyclonic tornadoes.

The video closes with dramatic time lapses that truly make one very ready for May weather to return. Certainly recommended for all chase video collectors.

Scott Blair
Watched Bobby's 2004 Highlight DVD. Great time lapse stuff, lots of amazing storm structure. Cool to see the May 26th storm looking from the west, I came at it from the east. May 29 Jamestown storm is cool, always nice to see storms you missed.
This DVD has amazing time-lapse video and several supercells and tornadoes that only a few other chasers witnessed.

My favorite sections:
The time-lapse video (second to none!)
May 10th Limon, CO (Lawn-chair tornadofest)
May 26th Sooner Lake, OK

Scott Currens
2004 Highlight Video Preview: