Chase Video - Lubacca 2004: O*U*Chased*1*2

Hey gang,

I'm taking preorders for my upcoming VHS highlights! It's entitled Lubacca 2004: O*U*Chased*1*2 and will be completed by Thanksgiving 2004! I'll have a video preview online within the next week to keep everyone's mouths watering (not really, but hey, why not).

Information in the link above! This will have nearly 2 hours of footage!

More later! 8)
Hello again! I'm a day or so away from completing final editing of my very first chase highlight video! Still taking pre-orders for anyone interested in purchasing a copy. I'm also making a list of trades for those who want to swap out!

Also wanted to post a link to the teaser which I've thrown together which you can download via this link.

It's about 3.7 megs big and requires Windows Media Player.

Enjoy! 8)

Wow! That really gets the blood pumping through my veins. If that is any indication of the quality of the video then I am definately going to make a purchase as soon as you get it finished.

Great Work!
Wow! Great teaser Tony. I’ll have to put you on the 2005 teaser calendar, right next to Star Wars. Let us know if you plan on a midnight release at a large multi-plex theater.

Are you still planning on releaseing on VHS, or have you worked out your issues on the DVD?

The video is complete! I have the updated info on my website, but just to clarify some differences. The video runs 90 minutes! After the credits, I including a couple older music vids from previous years. Outside of that, a couple things were added, including a brief hilarious look at my May 13 chase with Blake Naftel. Ordering information is available on my website using the link below...

Video Information -
Video Preview -

Also, anyone wanting a trade, please PM or email me with your address so I can get a copy churned out for you! Looking forward to seeing everyone elses stuff!


Later Edit: Sorry.. forgot to mention that yes, I am still doing only VHS. I either don't have a reliable enough program or computer to successfully render out DVDs. It'll likely remain VHS for a while! :)
I watched Tony's video last night and my dinner got cold as I could not put it on pause! The action he brings us from south-central KS is awesome including the nuckle-bighting drive away from the tornado bearing down on thier location! 20 tornadoes from this one stretch of hw 160 in one season is awesome. What a great chase season you had Tony!

I'd highly recommend this video in your christmas stocking!
Awesome video! :D I loved the Attica footage - just beautiful. And the twin tornadoes - very cool. I had to wonder about all those people trying to drive through the flooded roads - it was interesting to watch but left me wondering how so many people could be so stupid. The guy on the bicycle - LOL.
Originally posted by Lisa Wadlow
left me wondering how so many people could be so stupid. The guy on the bicycle - LOL.

It's Denver... stupid people reign supreme here! Especially behind the wheel! :lol:
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<!--QuoteBegin-Lisa Wadlow
left me wondering how so many people could be so stupid. The guy on the bicycle - LOL.

It's Denver... stupid people reign supreme here! Especially behind the wheel! :lol:[/b]

My sister lives in Denver. I've been out there to visit and yes some of the roads easily flood. She said the drainage systems were bad out there.
Upon Amos's suggestion, I, too, have thrown my video up on eBay, so any eBayers out there wanting a copy can also go through eBay to get a copy of my vid!
A friend of mine likes to say that videos are a reflection of the chaser’s personality. Tony’s first feature-length production, “Lubacca 2004 O*U*Chased*1*2,†is a great example of that. I’ve watched a lot of these now—as everybody knows—and Tony’s is among the best at blending the feeling of chasing with the fireworks of great supercells and tornadoes. A lot like Tony, this video finds ways to enjoy the chase during those moments when something spectacular isn’t occurring, like the hilarious navigation through downtown Wichita Falls that takes Blake Naftel and Tony through confusing intersections (familiar to Texas chasers) as they encounter that ancient chasing rite of getting back onto 287. At a fuel stop, a gas receipt sails on strong surface winds and Tony runs it down, camera in hand, across a seemingly endless convenience store parking lot.

These moments give a real perspective on chasing. If you can’t enjoy the humor of vehicles covered in mud, giant hailstones threatening to dash your brains out, or other bloopers, then the years that don’t produce as prolifically as 2004 (like probably all the rest for the next decade—lol) will be tough for you.

But because this is 2004, and because Tony had a great season, the video moves smoothly into the cool storms and tornadoes he documented starting with the March 27th episode in Oklahoma, where Tony bagged three including the surprise twins towards dusk.

May 12 in southern Kansas competes for the best sequence of storms and tornadoes on the tape, from the backlit Attica tornado as the supercell bombs the chasers with giant hail (it really wasn’t as big across the street, T—lol) to the “tornado race†footage where Tony beats a churning, pitch-black F2 (which had increased its forward speed suddenly) across the Highway 2. Later he records a stark nighttime funnel, the F4 which completed the day.

Tony and Blake use some unusual instrumentation on the morning of May 29th, demonstrating that all these electronics are probably unnecessary. Their revolutionary process for measuring the speed and orientation of surface flow might come in handy with budget cuts in store for NOAA. But just when you thought throwing things into the air only worked in the movies, they observe some amazing stuff on the year’s most productive chase day. This includes the Argonia wedge and the Conway Springs tornadoes. The latter, which the video appropriately calls the “Devil’s Dance,†is a hypnotizing look at the strange and turbulent ground motions beneath the quickly forming and dissolving and shape-shifting Conway Springs circulations. This is a multi-vortex tube, cone, wedge, and funnel, all within the span of several minutes, with the graceful motions of vorticity and snaking condensation all captured in a tight, steady shot. Whether you think these are one tornado or several, the segment is amazing. This is the gold standard for one of the year’s coolest events.

These chase days are among several other cool episodes of great storm structure, lightning, wind, and hail. “Lubacca 2004 O*U*Chased*1*2†concludes with music videos highlighting some past chases of Tony’s, including tornadoes on May 15, 2003 and some wild winter footage too.

This is a laid-back and entertaining chase video that illustrates every angle of the experience. Check it out here:

Just a note to those few people I still have outstanding trades with. I had to leave town last week due to a dead in the family. I had a few videos I was suppose to send out around that time and a couple that I didn't. For those who sent me videos, I did receive them. Your copies will be shipped out tomorrow (Tuesday). My apologies for the delays.