Chase video editing software

Stephanie Koles

What video editing software package for Windows XP seems to be the best(Good value for $ and fewest bugs) for editing chase videos ?
Hi Stephanie,

You might try a search on thie site for "video Edting". This has been discussed at some length fairly recently.

In general, There are several packages available: Pinnacle, Ulead, TMPG, Sony, and a couple of others. Windows XP has a built in editor (or you download it?, it's free though) that is pretty basic, but works.

For the money

Despite all the whining that you will hear on the Pinnacle website, their Studio 9 product is flawless for me. From capture, edit, and finally burning to DVD, I've found it's a solid product.

Pro's: cheap, full-package, and flexible on sweetening audio/video

Con's: can be pesky with slower/older pc's. DVD burners were a problem but I've not encountered any. User forum has a lot of whiners... overlook them. No video layering... just one video track on the Studio product... upgrades supposedly address that. I use Premiere and Vegas for that... but it's rare.

Use a clean pc for it... pc's with internet access are so succeptible to viral attacks, that it can often be the root problem for many mysterious issues.

I also use Avid but wouldn't advise it based on cost... I'm assuming you need to just edit chase video.

Best of luck...

Your mileage may vary...

Caveat Emptor...

The Sun always shines on tv...

Thanks for the input...I should have searched before posting a message. :roll:

Im not familar with the Microsoft editor.....Ill poke around some more :)