Changing number of posts per thread per page in Lo-Fi version

Dec 9, 2003
I've used the Lo-Fi version of ST a few times this year, mainly while using my cellphone. The Lo-fi version is nice since the pages are smaller (no pictures, less formatting, etc), which makes it easy to use through a cell phone or other low-bandwidth resource. I know you can go to "My Controls" and tell ST to not show avatars, signatures, and pictures, but it's just easier to click Lo-Fi.

My question is -- can you (Tim) or I (a member) change the number of posts displayed in each thread per page? I know you can do this in the regular board by going to My Controls >> Board Settings >> "Number of posts to show for each topic page"... However, this doesn't apply while viewing the Lo-Fi version. Since many of the FCST and NOW threads can get quite long (50+ posts), and it appears that, by default, the Lo-Fi version displays ~50 posts per page, the purpose of the Lo-Fi version (small pages, etc) is diminished. Is there any way to decrease the default "Number of posts to show for each topic page" for the Lo-Fi version? Perhaps setting it to 10 would be helpful. That way, I don't need to wait for my cellphone to load 40 previous posts just to see the most recent post.

In addition, is there any way to enable posting on the Lo-Fi version?