Certified law enforcement officers needed: Pay $400 per day

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Dec 26, 2004
Booneville, KY
NEEDED: Certified law Enforcement Officers for Contract Deployment to Louisiana

Critical Intervention Services, a Clearwater-based security and consulting firm, is actively recruiting certified law enforcement officers for a special deployment in Louisiana in support of Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. Officers deployed on this assignment will be protecting staging areas for power restoration teams and utility trucks in the field.

Officers will be billeted in a controlled environment and provided with all operational necessities. Officers are expected to possess current LE certification, personal sidearm, and personal gear. Transportation to the operational area will be provided by CIS.

For information about Critical Intervention Services, please visit our web site: http://www.cisworldservices.org.

Start Date: 9/3/05 (ASAP)

Estimated Duration: Until October 1, 2005

Pay Rate: $400 per day (Day Rate)

Requirements: Current LE certification, personal gear, and personal side arm

Contact: Tim O’Rourke, Tel. (727) 461-9417 / (727) 463-3515

Alt. Contact: Craig Gundry, (727) 432-2281
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