Cell phone coverage

I have not been able to get a hold of anybody chasing the huricane this morning. I have been getting the "all circuits buys" message. Now I am getting the message "Due to the hurricane in the area you are calling, your call cannot be completed"

Has anybody heard from others who are chasing the storm?
I talked to chasers in Gulfport about two hours ago. They were two miles north of the coast and reported the northern and eastern eyewall passage was quite intense. I missed a call from chasers who are between Gulfport and Biloxi about twenty minutes ago, but the fact they called shows that some of the networks are coming back up and that they're safe. I haven't heard from anybody who was in Slidell.
Doug K is safe, cant get in touch with my guys in PAss Christian and Biloxi.

I made it fine, the windfield on this thing is huge. cat II winds in mobile